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SITWELL - Synchron SITWELL Synchronous-Mechanism Basic Series
Synchronous mechanism with separate seat angle adjustment.
Seat and backrest synchronously follow the movements of the person sitting in the chair with the ergonomically correct positions. Frequent changes of position while seated relaxes the muscles, shifts the burden off spinal discs, and improves circulation. The spinal cord is automatically shifted to the natural S-shapes. All of this ensures fatigue-free sitting. The opposing pressure in the backrest is personally adjustable (50 - 125 kg).
DER MÄNNER-SITZ SITWELL HIP MOVE Synchronous Mechanism - $50 extra
Synchronous mechanism with automatic hip-move weight adjustment. Seat and backrest follow the movements of the person sitting in the chair with the ergonomically correct positions. The hip-move effect focuses on the pelvis and provides support for the spinal cord. This enables more blood flow to the muscles and promotes nutrient supply to the spinal discs.
SITWELL – 3D Pending SITWELL 3-D Pending Mechanism (only for SUN models) - € 290 extra
This is the best of SITWELL seating technologies when it comes to bio-energetic and 3-dimensional seats. The new and invigorating feeling you get when sitting activates your body, mind and soul, moving you into a series of seating positions. The base portion is separate from the seat surface and swings on 8 cables. Sitting and rocking, just like on a gymnastic ball, releases energy blocks and encourages blood circulation throughout your entire body. Your breathing will improve and you'll feel bio-energetically fit.
Lumbalstütze Lumbar Support - € 90 extra
This lumbar support, adjustable to 6 cm high and 3.5 cm thick, provides you with the ideal, personalised support for your lower back. System Schukra
The ergonomically formed DIN seat with comfortable cushion for universal
applications allows for fatigue-free sitting.
The athletic men's seat with aeration groove prevents pressure on the nerves and blood vessels and provides optimal breathing. Excessive pressure on arteries and veins in the genital area causes a lack of oxygen supply and normal blood flow, which can lead to feelings of numbness and impotence.
The active-breathing women's seat with an extra-soft front edge and integrated 7-zone pocket spring core provides the best seating climate and distribution of pressure. It promotes blood circulation and activates vein flow in the legs. Blood can return to the heart more easily instead of stagnating in the legs. Optimal circulation offers the best protection against thrombosis and cold feet..
The patented SITWELL spinal disc seat from doctor and sports scientist Dr. med. Peter Stehle corrects your posture in every sitting position. The seat surface is tilted forward and up. The spinal cord falls into a natural and comfortable double S-form, which allows for a better supply of vital nutrients to the spinal discs.